Natural Remedies to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Loss of Libido

The common natural medicinal herbs to treat erectile dysfunction are Maca, Muira Puima, and Tongkat Ali.

What is Maca?

Maca is a herbacious plant native to Peru and the surrounding Amazon basins. The fleshy bitter sweet root is used as both a vegetable and a medicinal herb. The maca is closely related to the radish and is similar resemblance in size and shape.

Maca has been cultivated in its native land for over 2000 years and is regarded as a highly nutritious food, endurance medicine, and has purported aphrodisiac properties. Its nutritional composition of carbohydrate, protein, fiber, and fat makes it similar to wheat and rice. Rich in minerals and fatty acids it is beneficial to sexual function and has reported aphrodisiac qualities. The high nutritional content and energy it gives makes it very popular.

The Inca Warriors feasted on maca before battles for the strength and energy it gave them to endure. The cruciferous vegetable could be roasted, boiled, or made into a flour for baking. It was also fermented to make beer.

The high nutritional contents of maca provides an optimum composition of minerals for utilization by the endocrine system, responsible for hormone production. Clinical trials conducted maca shows it increases libido and improves sperm fertility.

The libido enhancing properties of maca was well documented by the forceful virility exposed by the men towards conquered women after battle.

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What is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama is a small tree growing to about 5 metres native in the Amazonian wetlands. Due to its powerful effects on male virility it is sometimes called 'potency wood'.

The root and bark of the Muira Puama tree has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basins for centuries as a herbal remedy to enhance sexual function. In the 1920s scientists discovered the composition of muira puama rich in beneficial fatty acids.

Known as the viagra of the Amazon for its effectiveness at treating sexual impotence and dysfunction, muira puama is widely used around the world as a herbal medicine. Since the 1950s it has been prolifically used in South American pharmacy to cure among other conditions Impotency.

In a clinical trial on the muira puama bark at the Institute of Sexology in Paris, results showed it to increase blood flow to the pelvic area and was reported beneficial among men with erectile dysfunction. In addition marked improvement in sexual desire and intensity of sexual desire was reported.

Muira Puama is recommended by the British Herbal Medicine Association as a treatment for impotence.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is just one of several different names given to a fruit bearing tree found in South East Asia. Most prominently it is found in Malaysia and Indonesia but also found in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

The root extracts of the tree has various medicinal benefits but is most commonly used for the benefits it has on improving sexual function and increasing virility. Because of its effective it has gained notoriety in the region as a name well regarded as an aid for sexual prowess. It is is known to increase sexual desire and enhance performance, so is used as a libido aid for sexually dysfunctional men, and is often referred to as Malaysia's home grown Viagra.

The tongkat ali extract increases testosterone levels, so is sometimes found in some body building supplements to enhance muscle development. Since erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire is a direct symptom of low testosterone levels, tongkat ali's testosterone enhancing properties prove beneficial.

From traditional practices spanning centuries by indigenous peoples carried through to this day, these three medicinal herbs have gained credibility and general acceptance by clinical institutions leading to their popularity and availability in health food stores, used as supplements to treat among other things erectile dysfunction and sexual impotency.

Remember before taking any of these supplements that they are medicinal herbs, so it would probably not be wise to take these if you suffer from high blood pressure, are diabetic, or if you are taking any other medications on a regular basis. If in doubt consult a medical professional.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction or low libido, many natural supplements to treat sexual impotency [] are available, so look out for these ingredients contained within them.

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Maca Enhancer, The Best Way To Get Healthy Sperm Today

Have you been unsuccessful at conceiving a girl or a boy? Have you been trying for a long time but still no results? Only one sperm is necessary to fertilize an egg, so you'd think that each time you have sex with your wife has great chances of resulting in pregnancy, but the truth is that it may take many attempts to accomplish your goal. Successful pregnancies depend of the quality of your sperm, so before start looking for an expensive infertility treatment you should ask yourself what are you doing to have a healthy sperm.

Sperm quantity and quality is different for each man and there are many things that can affect it, some of them can be controlled by you while others can't. So if you want to improve your chances of achieving a pregnancy you must identify which factors you can control so you can learn how to get healthy sperm.

To have a successful pregnancy, sperm must have three characteristics:

-Quantity: In order to be fertile you should have over 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

- Quality: Being fertile is more likely if more than one third of your sperm have a normal shape and structure, this means an oval head and a long tail.

- Mobility: You have more chances to be fertile if at least half of your sperm can move or swim enough to reach and penetrate the egg.

Knowing this, what can you do to get high quality sperm? Fertility specialist have several recommendations to help you increase your chance of having a high sperm count to get the job done, like reducing stress, getting regular exercise without overdoing it, maintaining a healthy weight, limit tobacco and alcohol, and of course, trying natural products like Maca Enhancer.

Maca Enhancer is a nutritional supplement that has many benefits like improving sexual male potency, enhancing your endurance level, reducing stress, helping achieve longer and harder erections, but its main benefit in this case is that it can increase the semen volume and sperm count and it also allows the body to create quality and thick sperm with great mobility and life, thanks to its unique blend of ingredients. Maca has been used for centuries by traditional healers as a successful fertility treatment, so you can be sure that these pills will allow you to have the quality sperm you need so much to finally have the children you have always wanted.

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Michael Donovan is a freelancer journalist and editor, schooled in sexual health, male health and natural medicines, and has 7 years of experience in those fields. He has writen many articles specializing in writing web content and newsletter articles for several companies.

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The Benefits of Maca Powder For Men and Women

If you are looking for an herbal supplement that can offer a wide variety of benefits in a single herb, you can't go wrong with maca powder. It comes from a Peruvian herb called maca, which has long been revered by the natives for its many benefits. Reputed benefits of the herb include everything from fatigue-fighting to aphrodisiac properties and more.
One reason many people take maca powder is to restore energy levels. The herb contains a unique balance of protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamins and minerals. These work together to keep the body at optimal condition.
Maca is also an adaptogen. Unlike medications, which force a response from the body, adaptogens work with the body to help it naturally reach equilibrium. It can balance hormones without the harsh effects of hormone replacement therapy. This makes it an asset for those with hormonal conditions such as menopause or low testosterone levels.
Maca powder is helpful in fighting stress. When our bodies experience stress, it sets off a cascade of physiological reactions. This may include increased blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol production. Insomnia may occur due to the decreased serotonin secretion. Maca helps the body ready itself for stress so the effects are diminished. It also helps to lower stress, reversing the damaging effects of it.
Maca can treat low libido in both men and women. By normalizing hormonal levels, it has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, helping it work more effectively. Research has shown that it can also improve seminal volume and vaginal lubrication. It may even be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. For couples trying to start a family, there are indications that maca can improve the chances of conception.
Maca powder can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in bakery goods to replace part of the flour. Care must be taken that the maca doesn't make up more than 40% of the dried goods in the recipe, though, as it can affect the pliability of the dough.
Powder can also be added to water, teas or energy drinks. A popular option for using maca powder is in smoothies. Add a couple tablespoons of powder to a blender with a banana, low-fat yogurt, frozen berries and a dash of cinnamon for a delicious start to your day.
For those on the go a lot, maca capsules are another option. These are simply capsules filled with maca powder. You get all the benefits of maca in a portable method. This makes capsules ideal for travel. You may also want to keep a bottle of capsules in your desk at the office for a pick me up when the day's stresses are getting the better of you.
Whether you use maca powder or maca capsules, quality is a key factor in how effective it is. Look for products that are standardized as they provide a more consistent amount of maca's active ingredients. Buying from reputable merchants can also help make it easier to find high quality maca products.
This article was written by Arthur Martin who has been an expert on health foods in general, and has owned a health food shop for several years. He has now become one of the leading and most trusted source of Maca Powder in the UK.
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