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The Magical Benefits of Peruvian Maca

Maca root grows in the mountains of Peru at high altitudes of 7,000 to 11,000 feet, making it the highest altitude growing plant in the world. Maca is a radish-like root vegetable that is related to the potato family, and is tuberous and spherical in form. The root itself is about three to six centimeters across and 4.7 centimeters in length. There are four recognized types of Maca Root based on the color of the root. Root color varies from creamy yellow or light pink to dark purple or black.

Chemically Maca root contains significant amounts of amino acids, carbohydrates, and minerals including calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. Peruvian Maca also includes a number of glycosides.

As a nutritional supplement, Peruvian Maca has generalized tonic effects on the biochemical functioning of the human body. Chief among these effects is the enhancement of endocrine function. The endocrine system includes all of the glands, and the hormones they secrete, that exist in the body and that control such conditions as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology, and energy levels. Hormonal regulation is responsible for all of the physiological attributes that enable us to enjoy the myriad sensations of being vibrantly alive, including those related to sexual arousal, physical activity and mental-emotional states of being. Maca root has also been called an adaptogen, which means that it increases the body's ability to defend itself against both physical and mental weakening, hence potential illness. It is believed it achieves this by supporting adrenal and pituitary gland health, both of which underlie proper endocrine function.

Known Modern Applications:

Traditionally, Maca has been used for a variety purposes, which can differ for men and women. For example, women have found it helps relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Women tend to notice a dramtic decline in hot flashes and night sweats. Men have used it to enhance fertility and sexual function. Users of Maca root tend to derive a variety of benefits in accordance with their individual needs. However, both men and women have found that it significantly boosts libido and sex drive, increases energy, stamina and the feeling of general well-being. In fact, recently Maca has been used as an excellent alternative to anabolic steroids among athletes seeking muscle hypertrophy. Unlike many other energy- and muscle-boosting substances, such as anabolic steroids, Maca contains no chemicals that interfere with or over-activate normal endocrine function.

What is Gelatinized Maca?

Choose gelatinized Maca for greater potency and optimal absorption. Gelatinization is an extrusion process that removes the starch from the root leaving a more concentrated powder that is easier to digest. Gelatinized Maca was the form used in the first human clinical study on Maca that yielded great results. Plus if buying in the powdered form, gelatinized Maca tastes much better and mixes easier into food and beverages.

How Can Maca Benefit You?:

• Increases energy (Chronic Fatigue)
• Treat sexual dysfunction (Loss of Libido)
• Increases stamina & athletic performance
• Nourishes glandular system
• Fertility enhancement
• Improves physical and emotional well being
• Promotes mental clarity
• Balance hormones

• Treat PMS (Mood Swings)
• Menopause symptom relief (Hot Flashes)
• Sexual stimulation
• Nourishes glandular system
• HRT alternative(Hormone Replacement Therapy)
• Increases stamina & athletic performance
• Increases energy (Chronic Fatigue)
• Balance hormones

Menopause is a natural progression in a woman's life - it is the cessation of menses generally accompanied by symptoms. This transition is unique for every woman yet there are ways to prevent and diminish the symptoms that typically accompany menopause.

Benefits of Maca
• Increases libido
• Deeper sleep
• Balances moods
• Enhances memory and brain function
• Increases energy levels
• Helps adapt to stress
• Slows the aging process
• Lessens aches and pain, more endurance and stamina
• Prevents osteoporosis, high calcium and vegetable protein
• Reverses vaginal dryness

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Chester Ku-Lea is a health nutrition consultant and is the owner of - a provider of premium health nutrition and sports supplements.

Maca Herb

Maca is a plant that resembles a radish and grows in the Andean mountains of Peru. The root of the plant is dried and powdered and used for over two thousand years for anti-fatigue and stimulant uses. Recently Maca has gained popularity as an aphrodisiac herb to increase sexual stamina. Currently Maca is an important medicinal herb export product for Peru.

The Spanish conquistadors "discovered" Maca because they found that the reproduction of their animals was below average in the mountains. On the recommendation of the locals, they used Maca and found that the fertility of the animals increased after eating Maca herb, and used it to increase the production of livestock. Maca herb has recently received worldwide attention as a herb used to increase male endurance during sex.

Apart from improving fertility, Maca herb also seems to possess properties that stimulate the production of hormones by the body. This makes it useful in treating hormone deficiencies, as it is a better alternative to injecting external hormones in the body.

Men have reported stronger erections that last longer, therefor improving sexual pleasure. Men and women both use Maca to improve their sex life in Peru. The herb is growing in popularity all over the world, particularly in the US, Europe and Japan as a vitality enhancing dietary supplement. The growing popularity of this herb worldwide is reflected in increasing areas of farmlands being dedicated to its growth in Peru.

All that might be very convincing and may be enticing too, but how does one go about getting Maca herb. Fortunately, you don't have to go to Peru and pick up the herb from the cultivators there, as there are many commercial preparations available in easy and ready to use forms. You need to be careful before obtaining one of these however. The purity of the herbs used in the preparation, and the dosage can affect the efficacy of the herb. In fact, if you are not careful about these you could end up with even some harmful effects. Thankfully, there are a few genuine manufacturers who provide you with the pure herb.

Patricia McDougall B.Sc. is a Chartered Herbalist and graduate of the Dominion Herbal College, British Columbia, Canada. Originally from Peru, Patricia is the Director of Research and Development for Amazon Botanicals LLC of Newark Delaware.

The Natural Way To Improve Your Sexual Life

Probably, you have heard sometime about Maca. But, do you know what it really is or what benefits it can offer to you? This article is meant to let you know basic information about Maca and its amazing properties as a male sexual enhancer that have proven to be of great help for men with sexual problems.

The scientific name of Maca is Lepidium meyenii, and it is an herbaceous plant which is native to the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru. People of these countries grow it because of its fleshy hypocotyl (a botanical term for a part of a germinating seedling of a seed plant) which they use as a medicinal herb. Peruvians have grown the maca root at altitudes between 12,500 and 14,500 feet, and more usually in very cold climates with poor soil for around two thousand years. Peruvian maca is regarded as a medicine that enhances strength and endurance and also is a great aphrodisiac. It can be cultivated outside the Andes but it is not clear if it has the same constituents or potency when it is ready.

Maca has a very high nutritional value, like that of rice or wheat. It has 60% carbohydrate, 10% protein, 8.5% dietary fiber and 2.2% fats. Besides, Maca is rich in minerals such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and iron, and includes nineteen amino acids and polysaccharides, that is why it is considered as a great herbal energy booster. But, what makes Maca more interesting for men are its reported beneficial effects for sexual function because of its high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients.

That is what makes Maca Enhancer such a great alternative for those men who suffer from any sexual dysfunction like impotence or premature ejaculation. Maca Enhancer is a natural sexual enhancer that can increase the libido and improve semen quality, and having a sperm with higher quality and mobility increases the chances of a successful pregnancy, proving that it is an effective treatment for people with known infertility and find it very difficult to have children.

Maca Enhancer is also good and effective for men who just want to improve their sexual performance or want to increase the size of their penis. This is possible because Maca Enhancer increases the capacity of the erectile tissue of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa, making possible that more blood enter the penis filling the erectile tissue and therefore achieving a longer and thicker erection. And, since this maca capsule is a completely natural product there are no side effects, so it provides an effective and healthy way to improve your sexual health without having to worry for anything else.

Carlos Blake is a freelance writer for health topics.

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Maca is Peru's Natural Viagra

The South American country of Peru is home to numerous beneficial plants, including maca, a legendary sex-enhancing root passed down from the Inca. I'd heard about maca for years. It has been dubbed "Peruvian ginseng," even though it bears no relation to ginseng. But like ginseng, the plant is employed to increase strength, energy, stamina, libido and sexual function, a winning combination of health benefits if there ever was one.

To investigate maca's health benefits and understand the role that maca plays in Peruvian culture, my wife and I headed down to Peru to explore the maca trail. In the process we met with maca traders, growers and scientists, and came back tremendously impressed by this plant, which is now available as a supplement in U.S. health food stores.

What is Maca? Maca, Lepidium meyenii, is an annual plant which produces a radish-like root. The root of maca is typically dried and stored, and will easily keep for seven years. The plant is cultivated in the Junin plateau of Peru's Central Highlands, and was highly revered by the Inca.

During the height of the Incan empire, legend has it that Incan warriors would consume maca before entering into battle. This would make them fiercely strong. But after conquering a city the Incan soldiers were prohibited from using maca, to protect the conquered women from their powerful sexual impulses. Thus as far back as 500 years ago, maca's reputation for enhancing strength, libido and fertility was already well established in Peru.

Today, maca's popularity is very much on the increase, as people discover that the plant really does boost libido, sexual function and overall energy. Acreage in Peru dedicated to Maca cultivation is increasing every year to meet demand, and a number of scientists have turned their attention to the properties of the root. In Peru,

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The Natural Alternative To Viagra

Viagra must be one of the best known drugs in the modern world and there are now many 'copycat' drugs on the market. Viagra was originally developed to treat a totally different ailment and its effect on the sexual performance of certain men was an accident, a fortunate one for both the men and, given the drug’s popularity, the pharmaceutical company that makes it. The effect is short term, lasting only a few hours, and the long term effects are not known. Neither Viagra or the other drugs in the same market have any effect on women women suffering loss of libido. Furthermore, anyone with a heart, liver, kidney and some other conditions, would be at severe risk if they took any of these drugs.

There is a natural alternative which has successfully helped both men and women in clinical trials. Maca is a plant grown in the upper Andes Mountains. It has been taken for many centuries by Peruvian women from early childhood. Maca increases energy and has a very beneficial effect on women undergoing the menopause by minimising and often eliminating loss of libido, hot flushes, night sweats, and irritability. The men also experience the same boost in energy and sexual activity, so much so that maca has acquired the nickname ‘Peruvian Viagra’.

Maca works by increasing testosterone levels in men and osteogen levels in women, resulting in a higher sex drive. A reduction in both these hormones is a natural effect of aging, and the reduction in osteogen is particularly evident in women during the menopause and the peri-menopause - the period leading up to the menopause.

Urology, the medical journal which first published the Viagra study has taken the unusual step of releasing the findings of a test of maca, a natural product. The study found that mice fed on the maca root extract exhibited a significant increase in sexual activity compared to others that did not receive maca. Other studies have confirmed the effect on both men’s and women’s libido and have recorded a significant increase in the sperm count.

Unlike Viagra and similar drugs which do have side effects and are too dangerous for a significant group of people to take, maca has no side effects and is 100% natural. It is also considerably cheaper!

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The Magic of Maca

What is Maca?

Maca is a tuber that grows in the Andean plateaus of Peru, at an altitude as high as 14,500 feet. It is the only food plant that is able to survive this high elevation, full of the climactic challenges presented by an oxygen poor environment, freezing wind and intensive sunlight. It has been used by Peruvians, as far back as the Incas, for food as well as for fertility rights and strengthening of warriors prior to battle and endurance sports. Since the 1960’s, however, Peruvian scientists have through research come to a greater understanding of the science behind its medicinal and nutritional potency. This has led to Maca’s growing, world wide acceptance as a supplemental and alternative therapy for many conditions normally treated with pharmaceutical drugs.
How does Maca work?

Maca is adaptogenic, therefore it responds to the needs of the body into which it is absorbed according to the age and gender of the individual. It stimulates the glands of the pituitary-hypothalamus axis to produce needed hormones, thus its effect is not merely over reproductive hormones but also over those secreted by the pancreas, adrenals and thyroid glands as well. This is very important because very few natural products have been proven to have a positive effect on hypothyroidism.
Nutritional Supplement

Maca root is a nutritional powerhouse containing high amounts of amino acids, beneficial complex carbohydrates, vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E, numerous minerals including calcium, iron, phosporus, zinc and magnesium. It also has significant amounts of fatty acids such as linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids. The presence of tannins, saponins and four alkaloids may also explain Maca’s ability to regulate hormones.

Hormonal Regulation

The sterols in Maca rather than adding hormones to the system help the body to produce its own natural hormones according to its needs. Maca has been shown to alleviate Premenstrual Syndrome, perimenopause, menopause, and erectile dysfunction in men. It also increases libido in both sexes, raises sperm count for men and enhances the ability to conceive for women. It has even been used on young adults with ADD and ADHD with positive results.


Maca’s positive effect on the adrenals accounts for its good reputation as an energizer. Most athletic users of Maca report an increase in both power and endurance during cardiovascular and resistance exercise. It is known to reverse lethargy and studies show many patients suffering from chronic fatigue have found some relief from their condition with sustained daily use of the plant.


What is most surprising about Maca are its properties as an anti-depressant. Even though, working in the holistic environment, I had heard about its potential in that area, I was stunned when I experienced its power first hand. I had already been taking Maca daily for energy and hormonal regulation. Upon doing a Whole Person Healing (a 3-day comprehensive holistic and medical work up) with Dr. Helen Ross at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, she prescribed that I double the dosage that I was currently taking. Within 24 hours of making that change my depression was gone, and I felt more emotionally equipped to handle the daily challenges of my demanding job. It was a miraculous transformation that was immediately noticed by myself and my co-workers. The same resilience that maca demonstrates in the wild, is the same hardiness that it brings to the human organism; creating a “can-do” feeling out of what would have been a “can’t cope” circumstance. This is part of the magical chemical signature of the plant. The reason for its ability to regulate depression is not yet fully known, but scientists and holistic physicians postulate that it could be related to both its hormone balancing power and nutritional potency.

Sources of Maca

Maca is most accessible for western users in either powdered or capsule form. The best source of Maca comes from plants that have either been wild harvested or traditionally cultivated (meaning organically and without pesticides) between the altitudes of 13 000 and 15 000 feet above sea level. Plants grown at lower altitudes have been found to be nutritionally and medicinally inferior in lab analyses. It is crucial to make sure that the powder is derived from sun or air dried plants and not from those baked in an oven. Heat has been shown to significantly alter the nutritional content of Maca. Also avoid irradiated sources. The germ count at the high altitude at which the tuber grows is so low that such sterilization is neither warranted nor beneficial. Maca powder can easily be purchased from the internet or at a health food store. Online, I would recommend that you purchase maca from or .

Because Maca is actually a food plant, and not an herb or isolated nutritional supplement, so negative effects of taking the powder have not been reported. This aspect of Maca also makes it possible to take Maca alone, (without food), if preferred.

It is easy to see why Maca was and is revered by ancient and modern Peruvians alike. Perhaps it is just a matter of time before the rest of the world fully succumbs to the magic of maca.

Fadzo Chanakira is a freelance writer that divides her time between Arizona and California, where she both lives and works. In addition to having written holistic articles for print and the internet on a variety of topics, she has a holistic business specializing in nutritional supplementation and truly natural beauty products called Alchemy of Beauty. Her undergraduate studies were in Kinesiology at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Fadzo also authors a free bi-monthly e-newsletter called The Alchemical Beauty News. She is currently working towards her Masters in Spiritual and Live Food Nutrition with the College of Living Arts in Patagonia, AZ. She can be reached through her website, or through the Ezine author contact email.